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by JR Griggs

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Time to clean all the dust off this thing! I took a year off from blogging so that I could better focus on my clients as well as my own businesses. It was nice to have the extra time, but I do miss blogging.

Over the last year I have learned a ton and took a lot of notes for future sharing. I have worked with a wide variety of businesses and even started a couple new ones myself. As many of you know I also published a book last October and I am currently working on a couple more.

A few changes that are worth noting beside from the obvious site update. The focus of the blog will now be more geared towards business and marketing. Although I have always written about business and marketing, it was not as focused toward business owners as I wanted it to be. It was a mix of business owners and internet marketers.

I have also gone back through and updated some of the older posts as well as removed a few.

Overall both will still get a ton of value from the site but I will focus much more effort towards the business owners.

I’ll be covering a wide variety of topics to help business owners transform their business and marketing efforts. I also have several ebooks and products in the works that I hope to make available soon.

There will be a mix of written posts as well as video posts. Book reviews, both written and video as well. Lots of fun coming!

Over the next month or two you will notice other changes to the site, as I continue to tweak it and make it an amazing place for business owners to learn and grow.

Stay tuned for some great content and a more frequent posting schedule. I look forward to helping you grow your business and profits!

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