Black Belt Focus on Your Business

by JR Griggs

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black-belt One of the greatest things that I have learned in Martial Arts is focus and determination to achieve my goals. I have enhanced my skills in self discipline as well, to make sure that I stay on task and do what it takes to be successful.

Yesterday I stopped by the Tae Kwon-Do school that I work with as well as train at and was asked to speak to the kids for a bit. I talked with them about focus and goal setting.

Primarily the goal in Martial Arts, is getting to Black Belt. That is the goal in any Martial Art and really it is just the beginning of your training. But so few who start training will get there. Maybe 1 out of every 10 students will actually get to Black Belt.

While talking with the kids, I mentioned how it is no coincidence that many of my mentors are Black Belts in some form of Martial Arts. Two off the top of my head would be Chet Holmes and Brian Tracy. I am never surprised when talking with successful people to hear that they are a Black Belt.

The amount of focus and determination, goal setting, hard work etc. that goes into achieving a Black Belt can do wonders in a business. It would certainly not be an easy task to find a Black Belt working at McDonald’s. Well, unless he is the owner.

Setting Goals

Setting goals is not just about writing some stuff down and hoping you get to it someday. It is about creating a plan to get them done. Whenever I talk with my son about setting goals, we create tasks for each goal and a plan to get them done.

With Martial Arts you have several goals and achievements along the way. You have to put in the training and focus on those in order to obtain them. Each one is just a stepping stone to the bigger goal.

What stepping stone goals can you set in your business that will help you achieve a greater goal?


One thing you learn in Martial Arts is how leverage can help win battles. Often times you can take someone down simply by using their body weight against them. Many times just certain points on the body can allow you to control an opponent.

Often times in business you can find ways to use leverage to tackle certain problems or tasks. The right pressure points can remove obstacles. You can bet that the Black Belts you find running successful companies have found ways to do this in their business.

Leverage allows you to work smarter not harder. Leverage is how even the smallest person can take down someone twice their size.

How can you gain some leverage in your business and work smarter?

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