Dress Up Your Ketchup

by JR Griggs

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100_3021I have talked before about how important it is to make your business look like a million dollar business. There are a lot of ways to pay attention to the smallest details and make them a better experience for your customers. The picture to the left was taken at a seminar I was attending. I was eating lunch outside with some friends and took a picture of the ketchup packets they had on the table. It looks a little nicer than a packet you find at a fast food restaurant, or a cheaper hotel.

I’m sure this little upgrade did not cost the hotel a fortune, but it is a small detail that stands out from cheaper hotels. I have also seen some restaurants give you a miniature bottle of ketchup, instead of a packet. These little details say to the customer that the business is not cheap. They are presenting a part of their product in a better way.

You should be finding even the smallest ways to say that you are different. That you are worth more money. Use the best products you can or the best ways to present those products. Add a nice bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues to the women’s bathrooms. A small expense that can go a long way.

If you are sending a customer a letter, use a premium paper. Save the copy paper for when you just need cheap copies. Put some real toilet paper in the bathrooms. Your customers are not only hating the cheap garbage you put in there, but they are using twice as much of it.

Take a look around your business and see if there are ways you can create a better experience. Even in the smallest details, your customers will notice.

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