How to Cut Your Project Times in Half

by JR Griggs

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Time is Money This weekend I continued my undefeated streak in Pictionary. As usual, a sore loser (my wife), accused me of cheating. I’ve had different teammates over the years and always the same result. Victory! I was even a part of the famous (seriously, it was spoken of on a radio station) perfect game. While playing with a buddy of mine, my wife and his wife never left start!

In this post, I will reveal one of the tips I have for winning. A simple but powerful tip that will help in business as well.

Fastest Action to the Desired Result

An often made mistake in business is to complicate the tasks we have. We have not clearly identified what the end goal is and what the fewest steps needed to get there are. We tend to add additional tasks that only slow us down and are not really necessary for the end goal.

photo(3)Here is a drawing I did in Pictionary this weekend. The phrase was “Jack in the box”. As you can see, I simply drew a closed box with a handle and an open one with a basic “Jack”. No elaborate artwork here. Just enough to get the idea across. If I wanted to perfect this drawing, I would have run out of time and my teammate (my son) doesn’t guess.

When my son guessed correctly, I looked over to see what my daughter was drawing, for my wife to guess. She had only the beginnings of a clown. Her plan was to draw a clown opening a “Jack in the box”. Now she’s only 8 years old, so it’s hard to blame her for over complicating the task. But it was a great example of how many times I have become an 8 year old in over complicating a task.

See, it is easy to double or even triple the time we should take on a task, because we over complicate it. We add all these unnecessary steps that do not actually help us with the end goal.

One of the other words I had to draw was “Bomber”. So I drew an airplane first. What was the purpose of that? To simply get my son to understand that it is an airplane. So just the shape of one will do. It doesn’t need windows or pin stripping. I don’t need to make sure the wing span is to scale. It just has to get him to say “airplane”. Then I can move on to drawing the simplest bombs coming from that airplane that I can.

3 Identities

So when you have a project that needs to be done. Here are the steps to get it done with the fastest actions to the desired result.

  • Identify what the end goal is. What the final result looks like.
  • Identify the least amount of tasks to get that result.
  • Identify the over complications and stay away from them.

This is one case where you should be extremely lazy. What is the least amount of work you can do to get the desired result? No, you don’t want sloppy. You want the desired result in as little steps as possible.

Eliminate all over complications. All attempts to perfect what doesn’t need perfecting.

Focus all your efforts on the simplest tasks needed to get the job done.

That’s it! Do this and you will not only cut your project times down but you may be unbeatable at Pictionary!

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