How to Use Trends to Increase Profits

by JR Griggs

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Every business can use trends to increase profits. The question is, are you paying attention to the trends and are you watching who is? Some companies have used trends very successfully to completely transform their business. Just look at what Subway did with the weight loss trend. They went out and found a success story and leveraged it as much as they could.

They found a way to be the solution to those wanting to eat less fast food but still get food fast. They even put the nutritional facts to their healthiest subs right on the napkins. Now look at how many began to follow this trend. Your kids can get apple wedges at McDonald’s instead of fries.

Another trend right now is the "green" market. Whether you agree with the Global Warming myth or not, the market is buying green. Does your product or service have the capability to advertise as a green solution? Are there changes you can make to do that?

Sometimes you do not have to actually have the product or trend in your business. Commenting on it or finding ways to link to it will work just as well. For instance, sports can be a trend. Find ways to use the different sports seasons to your advantage. If you are in a football town, link to that football team. Run promotions that involve the team.

Here in Tampa we had the Super Bowl in town a few years ago. I saw many businesses take advantage of that and many that did not. There is a psychological effect that takes place when we find something in common with someone. We immediately begin to like and trust that person or business. Using local sports teams to create that common ground is a great way to do that.

If your local sports team is in the playoffs or having a spectacular season, chances are there is a buzz in the market. This gets people in your market excited and talking about the team. Find ways to capitalize on that. I was a Bag Boy at Publix when the Florida Marlins won the World Series for the first time. The store was decked out with Marlins decorations and the game was playing on a TV in the front of the store by customer service. There was an excitement in that store, especially while the game was on.

Another set of trends are psychological. For instance right now the trend is to be smart with money as it is tighter out there. There is a strong distrust of the government right now as well. How can you use those in your advertising?

If you still can’t find a trend to use, create one. A lot of restaurants are doing family nights now where kids eat free. There is a CiCi’s Pizza near my house that had a family night on Thursday’s with a live musician. The kids got to play with the singer with different instruments. We were there almost every Thursday while they had that going on. They created a trend and the place was packed.

Watch for the companies that always seem to be utilizing a new trend and see how you can do the same.

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