Impact Event Orlando: After Hours (video)

by JR Griggs

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Well, we’ve seen the serious side of the Impact event so now how a bout some fun? Here are the karaoke videos!

I gotta give it to these guys they know how to party and have some fun! I wish I had that kind of courage! Not to mention they actually sound pretty good too!

Sorry no names here but if they want to claim their spot they can do so in the comments 😉

Good times guys!!



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Tom Grow

LOL! They’ll all be better off sticking with internet marketing, writing, and giving speeches! 🙂

Had a great time at Impact!

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Felicia Slattery

Hey JR!

What fun memories! I saw a bunch of folks in the audience shots, too. So glad you hung out with us all weekend. I look forward to seeing you again soon. And we’ll do the karaoke all again — next time YOU’RE getting on stage with me. Oh yes you are!


JR Griggs

Good luck getting ME up there, lol


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