It’s Business and Now It Is Personal

by JR Griggs

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best-cup-of-coffee We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s business, it’s not personal”. One of the greatest things that Social Media has done for the world is made business very personal. So much so that if a business does not figure it out soon, they could be out of business.

The game has changed and now more than ever the power is in the hands of the costumer. Social Media can make or break a business.

Behind the Mask

For as long as advertising has been available, a business could pretty much tell the customer whatever they wanted them to know. They hire actors as testimonials, shoot commercials with the perfect looking person, having the greatest time at their store or with their product.

They could be the worst business in the world but put on the greatest show. They had all the power to put on a mask and not let you see behind it, until they had your money.

Social Media Changes the Game

Social Media has changed everything! The customer now has a bigger voice than ever! It does not take long for the news about a business that did something bad or good to spread with sites like Twitter and Facebook.

With review sites like Yelp, Google local reviews etc… Businesses have to be on top of their game and as personal as ever. Social Media has allowed us to see who a business really is. To see which businesses care about you the costumer and which do not.

When I was selling cars, they use to remind us that if you make a customer happy, they may tell 1 person. If you make a customer mad, they will tell 10.

With Social Media, if you make a customer happy, they have the ability to tell thousands. And you have the ability to it in front of thousands. And of course, if you make a customer mad, they can tell thousands, who then will tell thousands!

Small Town Rules

Gary Vaynerchuck posted a great video on Small Town Rules. He talked about how with Social Media, everyone knows your business. That means that more than ever we know which businesses actually care about the customer. It’s like living in a small town.

Services like FourSquare add even more to that, as you can now see where people are going most and what they like about that place. That sign on the window of every single coffee shop in town that says “World’s Best Coffee”, no longer matters.

Business is now more personal than ever!

Stay tuned for a post on how a business can effectively use Social Media.

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