Marketing Lessons From Congo River Mini Golf

by JR Griggs

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congo-river-mini-golf I recently read a post on Shoemoney about his trip to seaworld and all the marketing techniques that he took notice of. I loved it! I always take notice of those things when I am out at a store or theme park etc.. I just never thought to blog about them.

Yesterday I took the family over to Orlando and we ended up playing mini golf at the Congo River Mini Golf. They definitely had all of the proper marketing in place so I thought I would write about some of them. I also hope to do this more often.

Up Sells and Backend

As any good attraction should have they had all the upsell marketing in place. You had your basic game of $10.95 ($8.95 for Florida residence). Then you had the 2 round package of $4 more.

You could also pay an additional $7.00 and for unlimited play and feed the alligators. Not to mention all of the other products they offered like T-Shirts for $16.95

Any business or marketing campaign should have upsells that you can offer. Also backend items like shirts and novelty golf balls etc.. Chances are people, especially tourists will take you up on those offers.

A Special Prize

Besides feeding the alligators which I will cover next, the special prize that you can win was the most brilliant thing they had going.

Basically what they did was they tell you at the start that their are several artifacts throughout the course that you can look for. Things like a spear, mask, hat, totem pole and a canoe. When you see these items you mark down which hole they were at on the back of your score card. If you get them all right you get a prize.

This was great, it actually added one more fun adventure to the game. The kids loved looking for the items. It also caused us to focus more on the scenery than we would normally have.

Well, we got all the items except the mask. We even went back again and could not find that thing. So when we finished I showed the guy what we found and asked where the mask was. He told us and then said that since we were so close he would give us a prize anyway.

He brings out a basket filled with scratch off cards and tells us we can  each  congo-river-mini-golf-prizepick 2, so we got 8 total (more fun!). As we scratched off to see what we won, we all got some sort of discount on something they offered. Like a $1 off a round of golf, $1 off of feeding the alligators etc..

I am not sure if any of the prizes could have been a free round or not but the idea is brilliant. We were about to leave and because we got a $1 off of feeding the alligators we decided to do it. So they were able to successfully sell us another service. We also kept the coupons and hope to go back.

How great of a campaign is that? They give us a “prize” that ends up making us a repeat customer and got us to spend more money that day.

feed-the-alligators Oh and the feed the alligators is brilliant as well. We paid $2 after the discount for less than half a hot dog that was cut up. We then get these fishing poles with clips on the end to attach the hot dog and the gator eats it. So we feed their pets for them and pay them to do so.

As Shoemoney said “that’s like me saying hey come to my office and I will charge you 50$ to buy me KFC.”

Whether you are an offline business like a mini golf or an online business there are lessons to be learned here.

So what are some great marketing campaigns that you have seen out there.

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