McDonald’s Gives You What You Want

by JR Griggs

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mcdonalds Say what you will about McDonald’s food but you have to admit the company does business well. They continue to get better and better at giving you what you want.

You want fast food! Not only are they getting faster but adding the variety that you want. Now they offer their Cafe line of coffees and Lattes. And I must say that their coffee has grown to be one of my favorites.

The Mcdonald’s by me has to be the fastest I have ever seen. They actually have a person out in the drive through with a tablet device taking orders. I talked with them about it and they explained that it frees up the 1st window to just take payments. This speeds up the process.

I went through there the other day and from the time I pulled up with 4 cars in front of me, to the time I had my food could not have been more than a minute and a half. May have even been a minute.

Give The Customer What They Want

They have a great business model of providing what you want. They stay up with what you the customer are into and want in a fast food chain. You wanted salads, you got salads.

You wanted better options for your kids, you got apple slices.

You wanted more desserts, you got McFlurry’s and sundaes, and pies.

You wanted more chicken items you got them.

Free wifi, they just keep adding more reasons to go there.

Even if you do not like the food, you can now go there for a cup of coffee and use the internet to get some work done.

Reaching The Customer

Their advertising is always unique and catches your attention. They keep upgrading their restaurants to be as modern as can be. They do a great job of getting in front of eyeballs and making you remember them.

They are often the trend setter and if they are not they are quick to adapt.

Upsells and Backend Offers

As any good marketing campaign has, they have the upsell of supersizing your meal (I know I know can’t say that anymore it’s Large size now). They have backend offers which are their variety of desserts. They have their act down and continue to adapt and give you what you want.

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