My PC Will Destroy Your Mac and Let You Keep The Change

by JR Griggs

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I chime in on the debate of PC vs Mac that Kyle Graham and David Risley are having. I explain how most people who are complaining about Windows are generally clueless and do the dumbest things with their PC’s. Mac users will pay ridiculous amounts of money that they have never spent on a PC. Apple has these guys dishing out all kinds of money for hardware and software.

The PC vs Mac debate will probably never end but it will always be fun!

Here is Kyle Graham’s video and David Risley’s video.

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Chris Lockwood

Amen, brother!

About time that someone pointed out the silliness of comparing things at such different price points.

I’m typing this on a PC that I bought new a few months ago for $700. A similar Mac would run $2000+.

Also just got an Acer netbook for $350- what can I get in a Mac laptop in that price range?

I remember when the Mac came out in 1984. In 25 years it’s taken a whopping 10% market share. At that rate by the 2100s it might catch up.

The TV ads are clever, though. 🙂

It’s always fun watching someone get a Mac, then complain because the software they want to run is for Windows. So they pay 3 times as much to get a fake Windows machine- go figure.



Question have you ever used a mac for any lath of time be for or are you like all other pc out there bashing with no context?

Question how out of date is your hard where and how much time/money do you spend on antivirus soft where?

Also tiger, leopard, and snow leopard ARE ALL DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEMS. Thats like me saying that windows 2000, ME, and XP are all the same.

Resettle I got ride of my 3 year old $600 massive space hog deck top and got a new mac mine for $750 (50x better then the PC) and my deck is now not so cramped.

A comment to the post abut me apple thinks net books are utter piles of shit and are not worth the silicate there made on and apple never expects you to replace your computer, But how many time have you dun it and how many more time will it be dun.



okay. windoze machines aren’t without it’s drawbacks. windoze vista is the biggest piece of shit there ever was. and microshaft admitted it itself.

you complain that people install complain that vista doesn’t work because they installed it on an old machine. with windoze, microshaft forces you to upgrade your hardware if you want a new operating system. as well, you are forced to buy new software, because nothing works on the new opsys. this is a matter-of-fact for all new windoze version. in short, if you tally up all the bills, a mac costs less than a windoze machine, over a 10 year period. oh, btw, the mac os 10 is only $49, not the 100s that you mentioned.

i converted from windoze to linux, so i get the best of both worlds. hahahah



I happened to catch your you tube video on the debate between Mac and Windows and I just felt compelled to ask have you never heard of Linux? I began on Windows Vista and I simply found that it was a resource eater. Left Vista and went to Windows 7 ( tried all the versions by the way) and grew tired of it as well. I have not tried a Mac simply because there has never been a need to spend that kind of money. Now if the only options were Windows and Mac than I would definitely be using a Mac over a Windows system. Main reason being the system is built from Unix and has at its root- security. Luckily there is an alternative to both of these systems that rightfully deserves recognition. From a realistic point of view Mac nor Windows can touch what Linux offers its users. I run Ultimate Edition 2.7 32 bit that is a modified version of Ubuntu Lucid by TheeMain and the Ultimate Edition crew. If you throw Linux in the mix than its no question who’s going to come out on top. If you wanna experience an O.S. that can and will provide you with the total experience your built system can provide (no, not Windows) than take a Linux Live CD for a ride. It will be a ride you’ve never experienced with Windows. Trust me. Been there done that.



You say it man. That is exactly the thing, I wanted to say every Mac-User. Mac´s are great systems for sure. But they are so extremly expensive. I use Cubase Artist 6 to make music. Okay – a Mac can do very well. But I count together – I can build a 4 Core (3 GHz), 4 GB, low lantancy Soundcard System with Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard for 450 Euro (WITH that M-Audio Soundcard). That is all you need to buy a youngster, to help him start with music. Okay, he needs a midi device and Cubase of course, but he needs it with a mac too.
I personaly spend about 1000 Euros for my PhenomII X6 (3,7 GHz), SSD-System Disk, GTX 470 OC, and 8 GB of Ram. With BeQuiet Power and that M-Audio Soundcard. The Price contains the Monitor, the Keyboard, Hard Drives, Mouse etc. My PC will FU.. Every mac in the same price category.
And if you care for your PC and for Windows, you will not get any trouble and your system will not getting slower over the time.
What you said, ist TRUE and I thank you very much for making this video.
Greetings from Germany. Dieter 🙂



How are ya.

iv been a windows user since OS 95 & 98 & xp & 7 & 8 and  I build the PC to id never  go to a mac.


JR Griggs

I would use a Mac. They are a good computer. But they are not worth the extra cost. A decent PC will outdo a Mac any day. I just can’t stand the cult nature Apple has lol. Even though I use some of their products.



I just want to know, where’d you get the cigarette lighter and the cup holder for your computer? That is just amazing.


JR Griggs

I believe this is the one I bought. Easy to install too.


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