Ross Goldberg’s Last Master’s Seminar

by JR Griggs

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ross-goldberg-jr-griggs This month I attended Ross Goldberg’s Last Master’s Seminar. It was a great weekend! I met a lot of amazing people. Besides the speakers it was fun hanging out with others who were attending. We were overloaded with amazing content from every one of the speakers. Ross did a great job putting the event together!

Had quite a few of David Risley’s Tampa Internet Mastermind group there: Ryan Magin, Rick Hawkins, Chris Lockwood, Melanie Milletics, Robert Garcia, Barry Nicholson, Darlene Nicholson, James Delong, Steven Delong, Shannon Herod.

I’m probably missing some.


As usual Ross had some amazing speakers lined up! These guys just overloaded us with content. Here is the list of speakers for the event:

David Preston, Perry Belcher, Melanie Benson Strick, Harlan Kilstein, Jason DeVelvis, Harris Fellman, Felicia Slattery, Mark Ress, Erik Stafford, Simon Leung, Kevin Nations, Lee Collins, Bob The Teacher, Warren Whitlock, Michael Savoie, Eric Farewell

What I Took From It

There was a whole lot of info to take in. The one recurring theme was “Take Action!” There are a lot of people out there who spend every day learning and researching and never implement anything they have learned. I bet some of these speakers see some of the same people who just travel to all the seminars and never start anything. I have heard of guys spending $30,000 on material and seminars and not doing anything with it!

I still have a notebook filled with notes that I am going through and taking action on what will work for me. You can’t do it all so you have to start with what will help you right away. Trying to do every system or trick you learned will just leave you frustrated and burnt out.

I am looking forward to going to future events but I am also making sure I do not become just some seminar groupie. I will be at Ken Mcarthur’s Impact Seminar this weekend, then it is go time! I need to take some time to get started on some new ideas and finish the current ones.

Pictures From The Event

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