Stop Making Excuses and Just Do It!

by JR Griggs

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just-do-it Many times I speak with people who are looking to get into Internet Marketing or Blogging and they have a ton of excuses on why they can’t do this or that. It’s usually “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the equipment”.. etc..

They have a long list. I also consult with many businesses who I advise on how to increase traffic and get more leads. Sadly I get excuses about time or often about wanting to have the right equipment.

For instance one of the businesses, I have been telling that they should go out and get a flip camera for $100 and ask the customers for testimonials when the job is complete. He could get on average 3 of them a week.

They still have not done it and every time I mention it I hear that they are waiting to buy a really nice camera so they can make dvd quality vehicles. NO! You will never do it! And even if you do you will probably not have it with you everyday because it’s too nice to get it damaged. So we are still at square 1 with no video testimonials!

Just Do It!

Look, if you have no intention of succeeding then fine, don’t do it. But if you want to see things happen and succeed, then you need to just make it happen.

When I started doing video blogging, I had no camcorder. I needed at least something to do this. My webcam was so bad that it could not be used. So I went on ebay and got a flipcam for $100.

It was good enough for me and I was able to take action and get it done. I did not have a tripod though and really needed one. But instead of making excuses and not shooting videos because I did not have one, I created one.

100_3017Here is a picture of my first tripod. I just used chairs and books and boxes and my flip camera. Oh and for lighting I put a lamp behind the camera. People watching the video did not know that and who cares?

So what is holding you back? What are you putting off because you think you don’t have the time or the tools?

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