The Economy Sucks! So Go Do Something!

by JR Griggs

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economy-sucks With the economy as bad as it is and unemployment so high, it amazes me how many people are just sitting around waiting for it to get better. The only way to be successful in this situation is to go out and do something.

Go create something. Find a service you can provide. Anything that will make you money. I would not be surprised if things get worse. So will you be sitting there hoping for something to change or out making change?

Set Your Priorities

Recently I had to take a break from blogging. The reason for that was that I had some tasks that were falling behind and I needed to take care of them.
They were tasks that provide income and therefore should be number one on my list. As things got a bit busy and hectic I had to take a break from the blog.

I had to prioritize to catch up.

Hang Out With Like Minded People

This past week I was at a monthly meetup group I attend. It is for Internet entrepreneurs that David Risley put together. This meetup usually has about 15-20 people.

Strangely though it usually always has 2-3 new people each month who are looking to get into making money online. Those 2-3 people are usually different each month because many of the new people don’t stick it out.

As I sat there last week talking with Melanie Milletics and Ryan Magin, both who are working fulltime for themselves online. We discussed how bad the economy was and that at least we were there at the meetup.

We are doing something! Were not at home wishing we had better jobs. We are doing what it takes and at the same time meeting with like minded people who are also working for themselves and taking action.

It’s amazing that at over 11% unemployment now here in Tampa, there are not more people at a meetup like that.

Do Whatever It Takes

So go out and do whatever it takes to make it happen. If may take a lack of sleep and you may have to watch less TV. But taking the time to learn and take action on something will be worth it, especially when the economy no longer determines how you live.

You may have to be creative with your time. In fact as an example I am writing this post from my iPhone while at my parents house. I got a break from the activities and I am using it.

On the way home I will probably write another. I use my time as wisely as I can because I want to be successful.

Now instead of just reading this and thinking it’s something you should do, go out and do it!

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Love it man keep it up.

I know many people right now who are doing the best they have ever done simply because they choose to take part in kicking ass VS the “bad economy”

Keep rocking it=)


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