There’s Always An Upsell Even For A Waitress

by JR Griggs

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upsell-waitress To be politically correct I guess I should also say waiter. But even as a waitress or waiter you can upsell and profit from it. My sister used to be a waiter and I asked her once if she tried to convince them to get dessert. She said no she doesn’t even ask.

Leaving Money on The Table

You could literally be leaving money on the table if you do not have an upsell. In the case of a waiting, money on the table is a good thing and you can get more of it.

See most people will determine their tips based on a percentage. So the higher you can make the bill the better. If you can convince them to purchase a bigger portion or a specialty drink, dessert etc.. You can potentially add more money to your pocket.

Don’t Ask Don’t Receive

If you do not ask then you cannot receive. Ask about the dessert! And if you are the owner of a restaurant you should be explaining this to your employees.

If you are selling a product, tell them about your other products once they have purchased. The worst that could happen is that they say no. But even if only a small percentage said yes, it is still money in your pocket.

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