What Is Your ReTweet Number?

by JR Griggs

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retweet-number One of the best ways to get your name or quote or link in front of many people on Twitter, is to have someone retweet for you. This just naturally happens when someone see’s you tweet something that they think their followers would be interested in. Or they agree with you.

If I Have to Edit it I May Not ReTweet it!

Here is the problem though. Far too many times I go to retweet something someone said and I have to spend time editing the tweet because it is now too long to fit in the 140 character limit.

So to avoid this problem, you should know your retweet number. To find that simply take the amount of characters needed to fit in the RT your @name and a colon. For instance anyone who wants to retweet one of my tweets will have this added to my tweet. “RT @JRGriggs: ” that is 14 characters (remember spaces count).

My ReTweet Number

So my retweet number is 126 instead of  140. So if I want to have people retweeting something I write, I must keep it to 126 characters or less.

If you watch some of the best known “gurus” on Twitter you will notice that many times they use this technique and leave room for the retweet.

So figure out what your retweet number is and write it down so you can remember to stay within it when you want something retweeted.

Here are some simple ways to shorten words:

are = R
you = U
to or too = 2
for = 4
please = plz

There are many many more, in fact in Tweetdeck there is a button to shorten your tweets and it will correct some of those.

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Robert Garcia

Hi JR,

Thanks for the tips! I didn’t realize that when you retweet it uses up more characters


Robert Garcia


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