What World of Warcraft Taught Me About Achieving My Goals

by JR Griggs

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world-of-warcraft-logo Although I do not play as much these days, I used to play the game World of Warcraft quite a bit. For those who do not know the game, it is an online role player game. Commonly known as a mmorpg.

In the game you have a character and you are playing a role on one of 2 sides. As you progress you have to have certain skills that you train almost like jobs. You could be a tailor or a miner, blacksmith etc.. These skills are what allow you to craft certain things for yourself and friends. They also help you get in game money to buy items within the game.

The game has it’s own money system of copper, silver and gold. You must have this money and work for it in order to survive in the game. Money is used to buy gear, for transportation, repairing gear and if you do not have at times a very large amount of it, you will go nowhere.

At the time I was playing I had very little time to invest in the game. This is a game that does require quite a bit of time though, So due to time restrictions it took a very long time for me to advance and earn the money needed to be successful.

Then one day I decided that I was going to have to set some goals in order to catch up to some of my friends in the game. So I set a goal of 2 months to get 5,000 gold and level both of my major skills to the max. Starting with about 50 gold. For those who do not know the game, this would not be a simple task especially with my time restraints of only a few hours a week to play.

So I searched for a World of Warcraft Strategy Guide and created a plan that I would stick to everyday while keeping my game time to about an hour a day. I stuck to that plan everyday for the 2 months. At the end of the 2 months, in fact on the very last day, I achieved all the objectives. I had even earned probably about twice the amount of money I planned on earning.

As I sat recently and reflected on that I realized how that can be applied to any goals. I set the goals. I created a plan to achieve the goals. I told friends of my goals for accountability. And I focused on the goal. I then achieved the goals.

There is no difference between this and the goals we have in life. The same method can be used. Set, plan, focus, achieve. Make it happen!

So take a look at some  of the goals in your life, whether it be financial or health or whatever. Set the goals (with a timeframe), plan the method of attack, tell someone about it for accountably, focus on it and get it done!

In fact write your goals here in the comments and then post again when they are achieved.

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