Why You Need to be a Product of Your Product

by JR Griggs

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personal trainerThere I was sitting in front of a personal trainer. Ready to hear all the best kept  secrets of losing weight and building muscle. I had just signed up for a gym membership and as usual, I got a free consultation with a personal trainer.

I wasn’t very overweight but I could certainly use some tightening around the waist. I was also getting married soon, so I needed to trim up for the honeymoon.

There was just one problem.

The “Personal Trainer”, was about 3 times my size! And not in muscle.

My confidence in his ability to help lose fat, was in the toilet. Shouldn’t this weight loss expert, be as thin as he says he can make me?

Imagine if you signed up for an aerobics class to burn some extra fat. Then the instructor walks in and they themselves have a whole lot of burning to do. Would you be confident in this instructor’s abilities?

This is what many businesses do, everyday.

Be a Product of the Product

Your business and employees, should be a product of your product. If you are in the business of physical fitness or personal training, you better look how your customers want to look. I can tell you right now, if you are selling physical fitness and you’re not physically fit, you are making sales 10 times harder.

A janitorial service should have an extremely clean office. If they can’t keep their office clean how will they keep mine?

If you’re a financial expert trying to tell me how to manage my money, you better have a darn good portfolio.

You should be hiring employees who are a product of your product.

Martial Arts schools are a great example. Their product claims to deliver physical fitness, mental focus, leadership, etc. Anyone on the staff of a Martial Arts School, should be an example of those benefits.

A dentist should be expected to have employees with great teeth.

Seems like common sense, right? Sadly though, I see so many businesses who fail at it. If you are one of those businesses, it’s killing your profits.

So How do You Achieve This?

One concern you may have is discrimination. Can you turn down someone for a dental position because their teeth are bad? This is really a non-issue. Good teeth are not a reason to hire someone, it is a by-product of the right candidate.

If you own a gym, someone who is physically fit is a by-product of knowing what works. There should be plenty of other reasons to hire them.

Look for traits of the right employee. One who will exemplify your business.

If you are dealing more with how a company is run, create systems to make sure your business is a product of the product. Practice what you preach.

If you run a janitorial business and clients stop by the office, there should be a system that ensures your office is clean at all times.

The showroom of a flooring company, should have some really nice flooring. I see places like this, that have worn out flooring. Makes me think their product won’t last/

Here’s the bottom line – Your staff should exemplify what you sell. Your business should exemplify what you sell. If not, you are losing money. You are inadvertently telling your customers, that you are full of crap.

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