World’s Leading Expert

by JR Griggs

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talk to the experts

Expertise and authority are proven over and over to persuade people. When you are known to be an expert at something, people listen. People even pay to listen. You can see the term “World’s Leading Expert” attached to quite a few different industries. Shoot, I could be the World’s Leading Expert on Dunkin Donuts Menu’s.

It’s interesting how many people are really good at what they do. They really know their business or product. They are experts already, they just don’t have the “title”. They can teach someone just as much as the latest “guru”. But what they lack is the exposure. The credibility. Becoming an expert and letting the world know about it, has never been easier than today.

Become the Expert

You don’t need some newspaper or reporter or journalist to label you an “expert”. That label means nothing unless it gets to the ears of a paying customer. But what if you prove that you’re the expert and then show it to the customer?

Imagine if a personal trainer wanted to sell their services to someone in a gym. They walk up and just cold pitch a training program. How do you think that will turn out? But imagine if a trainer is at the gym and notices someone doing an exercise improperly. So they walk over and just make a suggestion. Then that suggestion turns into an instant ability to lift more and feel less tired. That person is going to be far more receptive to paying money for more advice.

By just having the knowledge and looking for the right chance to share that knowledge, you can open up enormous doors. The first step of course is to become an expert in your field.

Tell the World

Next you need to build your credibility. You need to let them know you are the “World’s Leading Expert”. Write free reports that potential clients can read. Write a book. Start a blog and share tips on it. Get interviews in the media. Start holding some free clinics. You have everything you need to get the word out.

I recently spoke with someone about this very topic. We were discussing someone well known in the industry. The person I was speaking with thought that this particular expert was out of their league. Says who? They know just as much and can help just as many people. The only difference is no one knows it.

It has never been easier to get your information out into the market. To do a weekly video on You Tube about what you know. Take advantage of it while you can because opportunities like this don’t last forever. Start self promoting and get the word out. The best way to do that is to help people. What do you know that can help your potential customers the most? Start finding ways to help them with that for free and see what happens.

So, what are you the World’s Leading Expert at?

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